ALKEBULAN - Autumn Winter/Spring Summer 22

ALKEBULAN -  Autumn Winter/Spring Summer 22

The original name of the African continent has been a debate for decades. According to historical research, it is argued that the name Alkebulan was the original name of the African continent before it was known as Africa. The Alkebulan name dates back pre-colonisation, it is said to be the continents’ oldest name and the most indigenous in its origins. The direct translation of Alkebulan is “mother of mankind,” or according to other sources, “the garden of Eden.”


MAXHOSA's AW/SS22 collection is inspired by how ancient Alkebulans from various areas of the continent would dress in today's world, when traveling across the world and embracing fashion and brands from all over the world.


The late Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado takes center stage as the muse of this collection, Laduma looked at Riky as a best true example of what an Alkebulan is. Laduma took so much inspiration from Riky’s fashion sense and ability to embrace great fashion brands from around the world. The show features a few selected MAXHOSA looks that are inspired by Riky Rick, as a special tribute for the selfless patriotism, love and dedication he had for the brand.    

With that said, welcome to ALKEBULAN.















































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