“My Conviction”

Since I started my journey into the fashion industry in 2011, when I established a fashion brand that is known as MAXHOSA, my conviction was quite straight forward. My ultimate objective as a design professional was to establish a luxury institution that aimed to showcase culture, the greatness and beauty of the African continent. While doing so, play a major part in growing the African fashion economy.

It gives me a great sense of fulfilment to wake up everyday and realise that I am living my conviction, and still be humble enough to know that we are only in the beginning stages of the journey of our conviction. Through a simple, yet dynamic concept of initially reinterpreting traditional Xhosa beadwork patterns and motifs into modern fashion premium pieces, that we later infuse suttlely with other African aesthetics. We have built a cultural luxury institution that is a home to 300 professionals that are in permanent job positions, who passionately serve in our production, retail and operations departments and facilities.

In the past 13 years, the institution has won numerous honorary awards around the world, but accolades don’t mean much to me if I am not truly living and progressing my conviction, it is the greatest source of purpose that makes me feel alive.

With all that said, it gives us a great pleasure to announce that our brand will be showcasing our up coming AW 2024 collection, titled “MY CONVICTION” ,at Paris Fashion Week on the 3rd of March in a form of a presentation format.

Lately I just thought that it is very important for one to share their true conviction, for others to know what you stand for, for one to ever decide to follow your vision or think otherwise.

Many thanks for your gracious support of the years and in the near future.

Laduma Igama lamaMpondo Ngxokolo
Chief Creative Director