CAMAGU - Autumn Winter 2015
AW15 - MAXHOSA Collection Camagu translated, is also an offering of praise and gratitude, it is a symbol of completion. The styles are selected to capture the most inspired pieces that stood out.              ...
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Buyel’mbo is a Xhosa phrase often uttered by Xhosa elders when they reminisce about the nostalgic lifestyle in the Xhosa homelands. The objective is to remind modern inhabitants how magnificent traditional Xhosa aesthetics could be cultivated into modern dress, and...
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MAKRWALAS - Autumn Winter 2012

Modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for Xhosa initiates. Inspired by Xhosa beadwork with astonishing patterns and colours which is interpreted into knitwear with a modern twist.

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